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At Kordey, we are big fans of cool stuff and great companies. Our interests are all over the place. Our goal is to offer up a collection of great stuff that we find on the web so our site will be your one stop shop for all things cool.

That being said, let’s get to our 1st batch of sites we like right now:

We follow Martin over at Design Made in Germany. He offers up a collection of clean designs to take a look at. Clean, simple and efficient.

We’re not exactly who this person is on Pinterest, but they know a proper auto when they see one.  Classy collection here.

Needless to say, we have our eyes on these and we want them. Flat out sexy.


We have one at the office and we’re really starting to fall in love with it. It takes a bit to get it set up, but once its going its a cool gadget to have around .

This collective does some killer stuff and large scale street paintings. We’re hoping to procure a piece to hang here in the office.  Gorgeous and impactful work.


Ok, that’s the first go round of things we like.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Tips for Selecting an Accounting Firm

Accounting firms are very important when it comes to handling both business and financial needs. They normally assist with important financial management and tax planning. This is the reason you will have to consult them at some point in your life. Whether you needs someone to simply do your annual tax paperwork or you require ongoing services throughout the year, there is an existing firm out there to meet your needs. There are a wide range of firms to choose from, from the huge international firms that dominate the industry to highly specialized local practitioners. Those individuals who work in most accounting firms are highly trained and have the relevant skills needed in the accounting field. The following are some of the things to look when choosing a firm:

Selecting an Account Firm

1. Reputation

Nobody wants to hire services of a firm that is always known for the wrong reasons. People like being associated with success and this is the reason you should not settle for less. You should be rational and go for firm that has a good record and is still in operation. You can even get referrals from friends, family and so on. Check how long they have been in operation. You can even go an extra mile of asking them to give you names of satisfied clients they previously served.

2. Location

You should choose a firm that is situated in an accessible area. Accounting and tax preparation can be carried out through the internet, but the ability to access them matters too.

3. Communication effectiveness.

You should choose a firm that is easily accessible by phone. In addition, it should exhibit user friendly communication skills. This can indeed be a hallmark of potentially good working relationship.

4. Size of the firm

The sizes of businesses are not homogenous. Some are big while others are small. It is always wise to select a firm whose degree of business success matches your own. If you are a sole proprietor or self-employed, it is advisable that you hire a firm that is conversant with the local market and laws. However, if your business is large and has international offices, you should seek an accounting firm that has overseas branches.

5. Services offered.

Some of the services offered by most firms include: audit and accounting services such as completion of financial statements and tax planning and preparation. In addition, they usually assist business with stock purchase program and employee retirement. You will discover that some accounting firms will specialize in working with businesses in specific industry such as legal advice, health care and human resources. It is always wise to choose a firm that suits your needs.

6. Qualifications of the personnel.

You should be very keen on the credentials of those individuals working on your financial and tax paperwork. He or she should be well trained and experienced in the field of accounting. Individual who have studied and completed the entire CPA course are the most suitable people to work in that arena. You should ensure that they have passed the mandated certification examination. In addition, you should ensure that their knowledge base is expanded regularly. This is because tax laws change and those working in this field should be aware of such current trends.

In summary, you should not compromise when choosing an accounting firm to work for you. Go for the very best firm. Some may charge high fees but that should not make you settle for less. Choose the best accounting firm and you will have the best results.